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About the Generation Program.

The Generation Program is made up of two clinical trials: Generation Study 1 and Generation Study 2. Each trial will last for 5 – 8 years and will be testing investigational treatments to see if they are effective against Alzheimer’s. We have study sites across the UK – Find your nearest one.

To test our investigational treatments, we’re asking people like you to help. We’re not looking for people with Alzheimer’s, but rather those with a specific form of a gene that may increase the risk of developing the disease.

Not everyone has this. That’s why we’ll need to get you to take a quick cheek swab test before you can be enrolled, just to see if you’re eligible for the trial.

Only with the help of volunteers will the trials have the chance to succeed.

The key facts.

  • 5 - 8 year clinical trial
  • Regular study site visits (8 in the first year, 4 visits a year thereafter)
  • Reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed
  • Participation is voluntary, you can leave at any time

Our support.

We will protect your privacy.

We will never share anything or tell anyone that you’re participating without your permission. All information collected during the trial is confidential.

We will protect your rights and welfare.

All materials are reviewed by an Independent Ethics Committee who will ensure they meet all of the required rules and regulations.

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